Get Ready for a Spooktacular October: The Best Events in Portland

We’re in the thick of both the fall events season and the spooky part of October. If you’re looking for something haunted, please check out this list of Halloween events. This week’s entertainment includes a popular harvest festival, several arts shows, a new OMSI exhibit, and readings from Oregon Jewish authors.

Harvest Fest: Hood River Valley Harvest Fest

Experience the best of fall produce and enjoy live music, arts and crafts, and delicious food at the Hood River Valley Harvest Fest.

Stroll through stands full of produce including apples, pears, squash, flowers, plants, herbs and more. If you normally get your apples from a grocery store, you may be wonderfully surprised to taste the explosion of flavor and feel the real crunch of an apple recently plucked from a tree. Stock up for the season. There will also be live music daily, arts and crafts booths, and plenty of food.

Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Hood River Valley Harvest Fest and support local farmers and artisans.

Film Festival: Portland Film Festival

Discover a diverse selection of films, including world premieres and works by local filmmakers, at the highly anticipated Portland Film Festival.

Each year, the Portland Film Festival showcases a wide range of genres and voices from around the world. From thought-provoking documentaries to captivating narratives, there's something for every film lover. You'll also have the opportunity to meet directors and actors during parties and exclusive events.

Don't miss out on this chance to experience the magic of cinema and support the talented filmmakers in the Portland community.

Art Exhibition: Sitka Art Invitational

Explore the stunning works of over 100 regional artists at the Sitka Art Invitational, a juried art exhibition and sale that celebrates nature-inspired art.

From sculptures and ceramics to metalwork and paintings, the Sitka Art Invitational offers a wide range of artistic mediums to admire and purchase. With over 2,000 art collectors and enthusiasts attending each year, this event is a must-visit for anyone looking for unique and meaningful gifts.

Support local artists and find the perfect piece to add to your collection at the Sitka Art Invitational.

OMSI Exhibit: Staying Alive

Discover the fascinating world of animal self-defense mechanisms at the interactive exhibit 'Staying Alive' at OMSI.

'Staying Alive: Defenses of the Animal Kingdom' is an engaging exhibit that explores how animals use armor, venom, camouflage, and speed to protect themselves from predators. Visitors can participate in hands-on interactive stations, hear wildlife stories, and even engage with live animals.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the animal kingdom and gain a deeper appreciation for their incredible survival strategies at the 'Staying Alive' exhibit.

Portland Open Studios: Experience Art Creation Up Close

Embark on a two-weekend art studio tour and get a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of over 100 local artists.

During Portland Open Studios, artists open their studios to the public, providing a unique opportunity to witness their artistic process firsthand. From painters to sculptors, you'll have the chance to interact with artists, learn about their techniques, and even purchase their artwork.

Don't miss this chance to connect with the vibrant art community in Portland and discover new talents.

Resonance Ensemble: Celebrating 15 Years of Music

Join the Resonance Ensemble as they kick off their season with live performances of commissioned works and regional premieres.

The Resonance Ensemble has been pushing the boundaries of classical music for 15 years. This special kickoff weekend celebrates their achievements with a concert featuring works from their debut album. Experience the passion and talent of these exceptional musicians as they bring the music to life.

Be a part of this milestone celebration and witness the incredible artistry of the Resonance Ensemble.

D&D's Sketch Comedy Spooktacular

Prepare for a night of laughter and fright as D&D, a seasoned sketch comedy duo, presents their 'horrific' tales at the Siren Theater.

D&D, comprised of David Burnett and David Wester, will take you on a comedic journey filled with unexpected phone calls, perils of adult friendship, and other hilarious sketches. Directed by Shelley McLendon, this show promises to keep you entertained and laughing throughout the night.

Get ready to have a spooktacular time with D&D and enjoy an evening of side-splitting comedy.

Adam Sandler 'I Missed You Tour'

Laugh your heart out as Adam Sandler brings his raunchy and hilarious comedy to the Memorial Coliseum, accompanied by a special mystery guest.

Join the iconic comedian Adam Sandler on his nationwide tour as he delivers a raunchy and unforgettable performance. With a special mystery guest accompanying him, this show is bound to be a night full of laughter and entertainment.

Don't miss the chance to see Adam Sandler live on stage and experience his unique brand of comedy.

Canadian Pianist Marc-André Hamelin

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing piano performances of renowned Canadian pianist Marc-André Hamelin.

Experience the extraordinary talent of Marc-André Hamelin as he captivates audiences with his impeccable musicianship and brilliant technique. Known for his ability to bring out humor and warmth in his performances, Hamelin's concerts are a true delight for classical music enthusiasts.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the virtuosity of Marc-André Hamelin and let his music transport you to another world.

Oregon Jewish Voices: A Celebration of Literature

Join Oregon Jewish authors as they share their talent and knowledge in an evening filled with poetry, non-fiction, essays, and more.

Discover the rich literary heritage of Oregon's Jewish community as renowned authors Kerry Cohen, William Deresiewicz, Miriam Gershow, and Marvin J. Lurie showcase their works. From thought-provoking essays to captivating poetry, this event offers a diverse range of genres and perspectives.

Immerse yourself in the world of literature and celebrate the voices of Oregon's Jewish authors.

Fermentation Festival: Explore the World of Fermented Foods

Delve into the fascinating world of fermentation at the Portland Fermentation Festival, featuring guest speaker Kirsten Shockey and a variety of food and cider tastings.

Discover the ancient art of fermentation and its role in creating flavorful and nutritious foods. Learn from fermentation expert Kirsten Shockey as she shares her knowledge and insights. Sample a wide range of fermented foods and ciders, and gain inspiration for your own fermentation experiments.

Join fellow food enthusiasts at the Portland Fermentation Festival and embark on a culinary journey like no other.


October in Portland is a month filled with excitement and entertainment. From harvest festivals to film screenings, art exhibitions to live performances, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a food lover, art enthusiast, or music aficionado, these events offer a chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Portland and support local talent.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the best of what Portland has to offer this October. Mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and get ready for a month full of unforgettable experiences.

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