Pumpkin brews: Beers and ciders at Richmond breweries and cideries

Get ready to sip your way through the best pumpkin beers in town! Richmond craft breweries and cideries are celebrating the season with a delightful selection of pumpkin-inspired brews. From Ardent Craft Ales' popular Pumpkin Beer to The Veil Brewing Co.'s Creep, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Join me on a journey as we explore the vibrant and flavorful world of pumpkin beers in Richmond.

Ardent Craft Ales’ Pumpkin Beer: A Fall Favorite

Experience the delightful taste of Ardent Craft Ales’ much-loved Pumpkin Beer crafted with fresh pumpkin and warm spices.

Ardent Craft Ales’ Pumpkin Beer has taken the town by storm, becoming a must-try fall seasonal brew. Brewed with a generous amount of fresh pumpkin, this beer showcases the flavors of autumn like no other.

The aroma alone will transport you to a sunlit pumpkin patch, complete with the enticing scent of warm spices. The rich amber color is a feast for the eyes, hinting at the delicious flavors within. With an ABV of 8.5%, this brew is both satisfying and festive.

While it unfortunately sold out quickly at the taproom, keep an eye out for a few remaining cans at local stores or shops. Trust me, this is one pumpkin beer you do not want to miss.

The Veil Brewing Co.'s Creep: A Unique Twist on Pumpkin Beers

Discover The Veil Brewing Co.'s Creep, a pumpkin pie double IPA that blends the flavors of pumpkin, oats, and spices for a distinctive brew.

The Veil Brewing Co. never fails to surprise us, and their Creep beer is no exception. A pumpkin pie double IPA, this brew combines the best of both worlds: the familiar flavors of pumpkin pie and the strong punch of a double IPA.

Brewed with oats, pumpkin, and aromatic spices, Creep is a true show-stopper. Don't be intimidated by the 8% ABV; this beer packs a delicious and balanced flavor profile that will leave you craving another sip. It's the perfect choice for those who want a truly unique experience.

Head on over to The Veil Brewing Co. and embrace the spirit of the season with a pint of Creep. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Buskey Cider’s Pumpkin Pie Cider: A Sweet Autumn Delight

Indulge in Buskey Cider's Pumpkin Pie Cider, a fan-favorite blend of apple cider, pumpkin, chocolate, and autumn spices.

When pumpkin meets apple cider, magic happens. Buskey Cider's Pumpkin Pie Cider is a delightful concoction that combines the crispness of apples with the warm flavors of pumpkin pie.

Crafted with real pumpkin, rich chocolate, and a blend of autumnal spices, this cider is a liquid dessert. Every sip is like enjoying a slice of pumpkin pie, with just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your craving.

According to co-owner Elle Correll, the Pumpkin Pie Cider has been a fan favorite for years, and it's no wonder why. If you're a fan of both pumpkin and cider, you can't miss out on this autumn delight.

Hardywood’s Pappy’s Pumpkin Pie: A True Treat in a Can

Treat yourself to Hardywood's limited-release Pappy's Pumpkin Pie, a flavorful blend of spices, vanilla bean, toasted coconut, and milk sugars.

Hardywood has outdone themselves with their indulgent take on a pumpkin beer. Pappy's Pumpkin Pie is a limited-release brew packed with enticing flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Brewed with a luscious blend of spices, vanilla bean, toasted coconut, and milk sugars, this beer is like a slice of pumpkin pie in liquid form. It's a true treat in a can, perfect for sipping by a crackling fire on a cool autumn evening.

Unfortunately, Pappy's Pumpkin Pie is a taproom-only release at both Hardywood locations, so make sure to plan a visit to experience this decadent brew firsthand. Trust me, it's worth the trip!

Starr Hill's Fall Flavors: A Taste of Pumpkin Wonder

Discover Starr Hill's fall lineup with delightful pumpkin-inspired brews like the Boxcarr pumpkin porter and the Apple Cider Donut Style Ale.

Starr Hill, with its Crozet and Richmond outposts, never fails to impress with its lineup of fall flavors. This year, they've curated a selection bound to tickle your taste buds.

Boxcarr: A Pumpkin Porter Worth Trying

One standout is Boxcarr, a pumpkin porter that combines the deep, rich flavors of pumpkin with the complexity of a traditional porter. The result is a smooth, comforting brew that warms you from the inside out.

Apple Cider Donut Style Ale: A Sweet and Spicy Marvel

If you prefer something a bit sweeter, look no further than their Apple Cider Donut Style Ale. This festive brew is infused with the taste of apple cider donuts, complete with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. It's like indulging in a delicious fall treat.

So, whether you're in the mood for a decadent pumpkin porter or a spiced ale reminiscent of apple cider donuts, Starr Hill has you covered this fall season.


Richmond is truly a haven for pumpkin beer lovers during the fall season. The city's craft breweries and cideries have perfected the art of creating unique and flavorful pumpkin-inspired brews. From Ardent Craft Ales' Pumpkin Beer that sold out in a matter of days to The Veil Brewing Co.'s innovative Creep and Buskey Cider's delectable Pumpkin Pie Cider, there is a pumpkin beer for every palate.

Hardywood's Pappy's Pumpkin Pie and Starr Hill's fall lineup add another layer of excitement to the season, offering decadent and indulgent flavors. Whether you prefer a traditional pumpkin ale or a creative spin on the classic, Richmond has got you covered.

So take a sip, embrace the flavors of fall, and discover your new favorite pumpkin beer right here in Richmond. Cheers to pumpkin-spiced adventures!

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