Foodie Couple Ties the Knot at East Midlands Food Festival

Prepare your taste buds for a wedding like no other! Foodies Stuart Peel and Krys Lakin are taking their love for each other and their shared passion for food to the next level by saying their 'I dos' at the renowned East Midlands Food Festival. In this article, we dive into their extraordinary wedding plan and discover why they chose this mouthwatering celebration of flavors for their big day.

A Love Story Born in the Kitchen

Discover how Stuart and Krys' love for cooking brought them together.

Love often flourishes over shared interests, and for Stuart and Krys, it happened in the kitchen. Both food enthusiasts with a cooking addiction, their passion for culinary creations became the foundation of their relationship. Where others might bond over candlelit dinners, these two found meaning in slicing, dicing, and savoring gastronomic delights together.

Their shared love for cooking has not only enriched their lives but has also contributed to their special bond. From cozy evenings creating new recipes to midnight snacks that turn into full-blown feasts, the couple knows that their language of love lies in food.

Choosing A Unique Wedding Venue

Why did Stuart and Krys go against the conventional and choose a food festival for their wedding celebration?

When it came to deciding on the perfect venue for their wedding celebration, Stuart and Krys knew they wanted something far from ordinary. As foodies at heart, they sought a location that reflected their unique tastes and showcased their love for good food.

Hence, the East Midlands Food Festival stood in all its mouthwatering glory. This bustling festival capturing the diverse flavors of the region immediately appealed to the couple, offering an unforgettable experience surrounded by an array of incredible dishes.

Love, Laughter, and Good Eats

Prepare to satiate your senses as Stuart and Krys celebrate their love amidst the thriving food festival.

Stuart and Krys, along with their wedding guests, will witness the marriage between their shared love for each other and their beloved flavors. They will exchange vows in the midst of a culinary extravaganza, with the appetizing aroma of traditional pork pies, delectable Red Leicester cheese, and other regional delights permeating the air.

The joyous occasion takes a delightful twist at the festival as the happy couple and their loved ones can indulge in mouthwatering treats while toasting to their happily ever after. It's a wedding that truly reflects their personalities, creating a one-of-a-kind celebration that will leave a lasting impression on all fortunate enough to attend.

An Unconventional Delight

Organizer Dr. Matthew O'Callaghan reflects on the uniqueness of Stuart and Krys' wedding celebration.

Dr. Matthew O'Callaghan, the organizer of the East Midlands Food Festival, can't help but express his admiration for such an unusual wedding celebration. In his own words, 'This must be one of our most peculiar bookings, but what could be better than uniting two hearts amidst the finest food and drink of the region?' And indeed, he couldn't be more accurate.

The blend of wedding traditions and a festival's vibrant spirit promises an unforgettable experience not only for Stuart and Krys but for all who witness their union. The couple's decision brings a captivating twist to the conventional wedding, adding a dash of spice and intrigue to their journey of love.


Stuart and Krys have written their own recipe for an extraordinary wedding. By choosing the East Midlands Food Festival as their unique venue, they prove that love knows no bounds and that celebrations can be as exceptional as the couple themselves.

Their love story, born in the kitchen, has now blossomed into a union surrounded by the vibrant flavors of the festival. This one-of-a-kind wedding will not only create memories for a lifetime but also inspire others to celebrate their own love stories in unconventional and exciting ways.

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