Colombian Chef Fabian Ocampo Shares His Best Dish for Dish Fest

Learn about Fabian Ocampo, the talented chef-owner of Que Sazon, and his specialty dish for Dish Fest: the Colombiana empanada. Discover the delicious flavors of Colombian cuisine and support local chefs like Fabian Ocampo.

Fabian Ocampo: The Colombian Chef Bringing South American Flavors to Dish Fest

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Fabian Ocampo, the talented chef-owner of Que Sazon, is set to make a splash at Dish Fest with his mouthwatering specialty: the Colombiana empanada. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey as we explore the vibrant flavors of Colombian cuisine and learn more about the man behind the delectable dishes.

With a background rooted in a family of cooks and restaurateurs, Fabian's passion for food was cultivated from a young age. After moving to St. Louis and immersing himself in the restaurant industry, he eventually ventured into the world of food trucks, introducing locals to the irresistible combination of tacos and empanadas. It was the empanadas, with their delightful surprises, that truly captured the hearts and taste buds of his customers.

The Irresistible Colombiana Empanada: A Taste of Colombia at Dish Fest

At Dish Fest, Fabian Ocampo will be showcasing his specialty: the Colombiana empanada. These delectable treats are perfect for the occasion, with most of the preparation work done in advance and a quick cooking time. Fabian believes that empanadas leave a lasting impression on diners due to their deliciousness and versatility.

The Colombiana empanada is a popular version in Colombia, filled with marinated and slow-cooked shredded beef and potatoes. The meat is marinated for 12 hours and cooked for an additional 12 hours, resulting in tender and flavorful fillings. The made-from-scratch dough is deep-fried to perfection, creating a crispy and flaky texture. To elevate the flavors, the empanadas are topped with chimichurri, sofrito sauce, and cotija cheese.

Don't miss your chance to savor the mouthwatering Colombiana empanadas at Dish Fest and experience the rich flavors of Colombian cuisine.

From Grandmother's Farm to the Culinary World: Fabian's Food Memories

For Fabian Ocampo, some of his favorite food memories come from visiting his grandmother's farm in Colombia. The abundance of fresh fruits, tomatoes from the garden, and meat cooking in a pit created a truly memorable experience. The relaxed atmosphere, combined with good food and the company of loved ones, is something he holds dear.

These cherished memories have influenced Fabian's culinary journey and his dedication to showcasing the flavors of his Colombian heritage. While Colombia may have faced challenges with drugs and cartels, Fabian wants to dispel misconceptions and highlight the incredible taste and diversity of Colombian cuisine.

Colombian Cuisine: More Than Just Coffee

Colombian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes with a sweet and tropical element, beyond its famous coffee. Fabian takes pride in their made-from-scratch arepas, which are a must-try for any food enthusiast. He believes that by experiencing the diverse flavors of Colombian cuisine, people will gain a completely different perception of the country.

So, broaden your culinary horizons and challenge any preconceived notions by exploring the rich flavors of Colombian cuisine at Dish Fest.

Dish Fest: A Celebration of Culinary Creativity

Looking ahead to Dish Fest, Fabian Ocampo is excited to be part of an event that brings together diverse restaurants and cuisines. He sees it as an opportunity to connect with other passionate individuals in the industry and witness the creativity and innovation happening in the culinary world.

By supporting local chefs like Fabian Ocampo, you not only get to savor incredible dishes but also contribute to the growth and success of the culinary community.

Make sure to visit Que Sazon's booth at Dish Fest to indulge in the mouthwatering Colombiana empanadas and discover the true flavors of Colombia.

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