Unforgettable Events in Small Towns in Arizona

Discover the charm of small-town Arizona with these unforgettable events. From tamale festivals to wine and food festivals, these towns offer a unique experience with a small-town charm.

Unforgettable Events in Small Towns in Arizona

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Arizona is known for its vibrant cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Mesa that host spectacular events throughout the year. These events attract thousands of visitors and contribute to the cities' revenue. However, it's not just the big cities that know how to have fun. Even the small towns in Arizona have their own unique festivals that offer a big experience with a small-town feel.

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One such town is Somerton, located in Yuma County. Founded in 1898, Somerton is famous for its Tamale Festival, which is the largest of its kind in Arizona. With over 30,000 attendees, the festival offers a wide variety of tamales from different vendors, each with their own unique twist on ingredients. Live music, a tamale contest, and vendors selling other goods add to the festive atmosphere. The proceeds from the festival go towards supporting students attending Arizona State University.

Safford, located in Graham County, is another small town that knows how to celebrate. Salsafest is an event that brings people from all over Arizona to Safford with their unique salsa recipes. Participants have the chance to win $1,000 for the best salsa. The festival also features live music, a beer garden, and of course, plenty of salsa tasting. Any salsa lover would enjoy this event!

Sedona International Film Festival in Coconino County

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Sedona, located in Coconino County, is not just a spiritual retreat destination. It also hosts the Sedona International Film Festival, which has been running for 30 years. The festival showcases over 140 films from around the world, including Oscar-nominated movies and films by up-and-coming artists. Whether you're a film enthusiast or just looking for a unique cultural experience, the Sedona International Film Festival has something for everyone.

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Embrace the Autumn Spirit at Mortimer Farms Pumpkin Fest in Dewey

Dewey, located in Yavapai County, is a town that celebrates the essence of fall with its Mortimer Farms Pumpkin Fest. The festival offers a range of activities such as a giant corn maze, live entertainment, train rides, hayrides, and farm-to-table food. In the evening, visitors can enjoy fire dancers, a corn maze at night, and barn dances. It's a perfect event for families and those looking to embrace the autumn spirit.

Prickly Pear Festival in Superior

Superior, located in Pinal County, is known for its Prickly Pear Festival. Visitors can learn how to forage for prickly pears and enjoy a variety of food made from them, including baked goods and main courses. Local restaurants also participate, offering dishes that incorporate prickly pears. The festival also features live entertainment, local produce, and goods for purchase.

Wyatt Earp Days in Tombstone

Tombstone, located in Cochise County, is a town with a rich history. Known as "The Town Too Tough To Die," Tombstone is famous for the fight at the OK Corral. It also hosts Wyatt Earp Days, a three-day event that celebrates the days of Wyatt Earp. Visitors can dress up in period costumes, enjoy live music, watch gunfights, and participate in kids' games. This event attracts a larger following each year.

Patagonia Fall Festival in Santa Cruz County

Patagonia, located in Santa Cruz County, holds the Patagonia Fall Festival, an art and music festival that showcases the work of over 100 artisans. Visitors can browse and purchase a wide range of goods, from home decor to jewelry and wine glasses. Live music and a beer and wine garden add to the festive atmosphere. With over 15,000 attendees, this festival is a significant economic boost for the community.

Jerome Wine Food & Flower Festival in Yavapai County

Lastly, Jerome, located in Yavapai County, hosts the Jerome Wine Food & Flower Festival. This weekend-long event brings together local wine, food, and florists to create a memorable experience. Attendees can enjoy wine tastings, sample delicious small bites, admire flower exhibitions, and even take ghost tours. This event attracts thousands of visitors interested in experiencing the local cuisine and wine from Northern Arizona.


These small towns in Arizona may have a smaller population, but they know how to throw unforgettable events. From tamale festivals to wine and food festivals, these towns offer a unique experience with a small-town charm. So next time you're planning a trip to Arizona, consider exploring these hidden gems and immersing yourself in their vibrant festivals. You won't be disappointed!

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