Water Shapes Florida: An Engaging Exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Learn about Florida's fresh water resources through immersive experiences, interactive activities, and museum objects at the new 'Water Shapes Florida' exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Discover the 'Water Shapes Florida' Exhibit

Water Shapes Florida: An Engaging Exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History - -675528562

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Experience the immersive and educational 'Water Shapes Florida' exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History. This engaging exhibit, available in both English and Spanish, takes visitors on a journey through Florida's fresh water resources, showcasing the importance of water in shaping the state's unique landscape.

Water Shapes Florida: An Engaging Exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History - 1350864032

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Through interactive activities, immersive experiences, and a wide array of museum objects, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the abundance of fresh water in Florida, both above and below ground.

A Glass-Bottom-Boat Adventure

Embark on a thrilling glass-bottom-boat theater experience that simulates a journey around local springs. As you glide along, observe the fascinating underwater plants and animals while enjoying an overhead view of the stunning landscape. Captain Bill will be your guide, providing valuable insights into some of the most famous waterways in Florida.

Exploring Florida's Freshwater Biomes

Delve into the rich biodiversity of Florida's freshwater biomes with real objects and specimens from the museum's collections. The exhibit showcases cultural items related to water, offering a glimpse into the significance of water to Florida's first inhabitants.

The Springs Gallery provides further insight into these unique water sources, highlighting their importance to the state's ecosystem and cultural heritage.

A Refreshed Look at the Iconic Cave

Experience the transformed exhibit as the iconic cave and surrounding habitat have been meticulously cleaned and updated. Explore the video screens that illustrate the aquifer below, providing a fascinating glimpse into the complex underground world of water.

Step into the lush hammock forest, where you'll encounter the diverse array of plants and animals that call the aquifer home. This refreshed look at the cave offers a captivating view of Florida's unique ecosystem.

Promoting Conservation and Environmental Awareness

Conservation and environmental awareness are key themes throughout the 'Water Shapes Florida' exhibit. Visit the Water Lab to learn about the Floridan Aquifer and how pollution enters the water cycle. Gain insights into the current issues affecting Florida's water and discover ways to protect this precious resource.

With the exhibit, the Florida Museum of Natural History aims to celebrate the significance of water as Florida's most vital resource, emphasizing our role as stewards of this invaluable asset.

Generous Support from Donors and Sponsors

The 'Water Shapes Florida' exhibit was made possible through the generous support of museum donors and sponsors, including the 1923 Fund, Florida Division of Historical Resources, B.J. and Eve Wilder Family Foundation Inc., Duke Energy Foundation, Felburn Foundation, Anne and John Shermyen, Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Giovanna Holbrook, Jack Martin, PepsiCo Foundation, Frances C. and William P. Smallwood Foundation, and Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville.

Visit the Florida Museum of Natural History

Plan your visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History and immerse yourself in the captivating 'Water Shapes Florida' exhibit. Discover the wonders of Florida's fresh water resources, gain a deeper understanding of its importance, and learn how we can protect this precious resource for future generations.

For more information about the exhibit and visiting the museum, please visit the official Florida Museum of Natural History website.

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