2024 International Taste Festival: A Culinary Journey Around the World

Experience a diverse range of delicious foods from around the world at the 2024 International Taste Festival. With over 30 vendors offering cuisines from countries like Ethiopia, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Poland, this highly anticipated event promises a fantastic culinary experience at an affordable price.

Experience the 2024 International Taste Festival: A Culinary Journey Around the World

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The 2024 International Taste Festival is set to showcase a wide variety of delicious foods from around the world. With over 30 vendors participating, attendees will have the opportunity to sample dishes from countries such as Ethiopia, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Poland, among others. This highly anticipated event, recognized as one of the top 20 city food festivals in America in 2023, offers a fantastic culinary experience at an affordable price.

Taking place on April 6th at the New York State Fairgrounds’ Center of Progress Building in Syracuse, this year's edition promises to be even bigger and better than before. Stephanie Pestillo, the festival organizer, expressed her excitement, stating, "We're bringing back many favorites from last year, along with several new restaurants, to give people an even greater tour of the world's great foods. This year's third edition features more food than ever, along with amazing international entertainment and crafts."

A Global Gastronomic Delight: International Cuisines at the Festival

The list of food vendors at the 2024 International Taste Festival is a diverse showcase of cuisines from around the world. Asian Creations, Ji-woo's Korean Food, and Vietnamese Cafe will offer Asian delights such as Sweet Bop, Hot Bop, Chick Bop, dumplings, bubble tea, and coffees. The India Community Religious and Cultural Center will showcase Indian cuisine, while Oompa Loompyas will serve up Filipino fusion dishes. Other vendors like Building the Bridge, Dosa Cart, and Mamacita's Restaurant will present classic Korean, unique Indian, and authentic Puerto Rican foods, respectively.

For those craving Mexican flavors, the festival will feature vendors like Mexican Street Corn, Freddy's Agua Fresca, and Birria Quesatacos Syracuse, offering dishes like fresh squeezed lemon and limeade, unique birria tacos, and classic BBQ. Calle Tropical will bring the taste of Latin America with their specialty empanadas and Latin favorites, while Tropical Palm will offer Haitian food with a flair.

European cuisine will also be well-represented at the festival. Polish Roadhouse will serve up Pierogi, kielbasa, and golabki, while Eats by Elaine will offer Italian comfort food such as riggies and meatballs. Juicy Freeze will provide fruit smoothies and frozen cappuccinos, and Gusto della Vita Olive Oil will showcase specialty olive oils and vinegars. Carousel Cookies will tempt attendees with European pastries and cookies, and the German-American Society of CNYP will present their German specialties.

Pan African Cuisine will be celebrated with vendors like Our Vegan Corner, Johnny Gee's BBQ and More!, Yum Yum Shack, Congo Box, Habiba's Ethiopian Kitchen, and Erma's Island. These vendors will offer a wide range of dishes including vegan options, classic BBQ with soul food twists, gourmet hot and dessert egg rolls, grilled meats and Congolese cuisine, Ethiopian specialties, and authentic Jamaican food inspired by the Syracuse area.

Middle Eastern Treats will be available from Habibis Halal Middle Eastern Cuisine, Ayvaco USA, and Pita Dream. These vendors will offer dishes such as gyro, classic Halal side dishes and sweets, custom Middle Eastern oils and treats, and pitas with unique salads, hummus, and falafel options. Additionally, there will be chocolate-infused sweets and fruits to satisfy any sweet tooth.

For the younger attendees, there will be Kids' Country, where Carvel Dewitt will offer ice cream cones and cups, hot fudge sundaes, milkshakes, and soda floats. Mr. Squeeze Lemonade & Citrus Infusions will provide refreshing lemonade and specialty drinks for all ages. Adults can also enjoy adult beverages from Syracuse Suds Factory.

Affordable Admission and Cultural Entertainment

Admission to the festival is $5 during the special pre-event sale for those aged 10 and over, a 50% discount off the $10 price at the door. Children under 10 are admitted free, and parking on the Fairgrounds is also free. Most vendors accept credit cards, and there is an ATM available on-site.

In addition to the culinary delights, the festival will feature performances showcasing music from various cultures, including Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the Iroquois, Ireland, Latin America, and Asia. These performances are free with admission, providing a well-rounded cultural experience for all attendees.

Don't Miss Out on the 2024 International Taste Festival

With its diverse range of international cuisines, exciting entertainment, and cultural experiences, the 2024 International Taste Festival promises to be a must-attend event for food lovers in Syracuse and beyond. Embark on a culinary journey around the world, all in one place. Mark your calendars for April 6th and get ready to indulge in the flavors of the globe!

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