A Guide to Finding the Best Poke in Hawaii

Discover the best poke spots in Hawaii, from popular supermarkets to hidden gems, and indulge in the authentic flavors of this beloved Hawaiian dish.

A Guide to Finding the Best Poke in Hawaii

A Guide to Finding the Best Poke in Hawaii - -79362736

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The Hawaiian islands are renowned for their stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, and mouthwatering poke. If you're planning a trip to the islands or simply want to satisfy your poke cravings, this guide will help you discover the best poke spots in Hawaii.

Poke Fest: A Celebration of Poke

Experience the ultimate poke celebration at the annual Kauai Poke Fest. Held at the Koloa Landing Resort on Kauai's South Shore, this festival brings together professional and amateur chefs to showcase their unique poke creations. Hosted by renowned chef Sam Choy, the festival offers live entertainment, food and drink stalls, poke demonstrations, and a thrilling poke competition. Not only does this event celebrate Hawaii's most famous dish, but it also supports a worthy cause, with all proceeds donated to the Hawaii Community Foundation's Maui Strong Fund.

The Tuna Species: Ahi and Bluefin

When it comes to poke, two types of tuna take the spotlight: ahi and bluefin. Ahi, which refers to yellowfin and bigeye tuna, is the most commonly used species in poke bowls. Bluefin tuna, on the other hand, includes three species: Atlantic, Southern, and Pacific. Gain a deeper understanding of these tuna species by taking a guided tour of the Honolulu Fish Auction, where you can witness the journey of Pacific tuna from the dock to restaurants and markets.

Where to Find the Best Poke

1. Foodland: With 34 locations across the islands, Foodland supermarkets are popular among locals for their no-frills poke counters offering generous portions of ahi, mussel, and octopus poke at reasonable prices.

2. Ono Seafood: This renowned hole-in-the-wall spot in Honolulu is famous for its classic shoyu ahi and spicy ahi bowls, but be prepared for lines.

3. Off the Hook Poke Market: Located in Honolulu, this spot allows you to build your own poke bowl with unique flavors like Japan Deluxe and cold ginger poke.

4. Tamashiro Market: This fish market in Honolulu offers an incredible variety of poke, including spicy kajiki scallop poke and limu poke.

5. Poke Fix Hawaii: Known for its creative poke combinations and Instagram-worthy presentations, this tiny spot in Honolulu is a hidden gem.

6. Tamura's: A popular choice among locals, Tamura's has been consistently voted the best poke spot in Hawaii. With locations on Oahu and Maui, it's a must-visit for poke lovers.

7. Kahuku Superette: Located near Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's North Shore, this local market serves up some of the best shoyu and limu poke bowls on the island.

8. Fort Ruger Market: Established in 1935, this Honolulu deli/market is known for its sashimi-grade poke and other Hawaiian-style snacks.

9. Alicia's Market: Offering a wide variety of poke bowls, including wasabi masago and sweet onion shoyu, this market in Honolulu is a hidden treasure.

10. Redfish Poke Bar by Foodland: With two locations in Honolulu, this poke bar provides sizable signature bowls and custom poke bowls with various types of fish.

11. Nico's Pier 38: Located in Honolulu, this fish market's restaurant offers unique poke selections, including ahi poke "nachos" and marlin au poke bowl.

12. Poke on da Run: This Pearl City spot serves up delicious "mauka to makai" nachos topped with kalua pig and ahi poke, a perfect blend of flavors.

13. Kaohu Store: In Wailuku, Maui, this small convenience store serves arguably the best poke on the island, with options like chili pepper poke and lipoa poke.

14. Like Poke?: This popular food truck in Wailuku offers a wide selection of poke flavors, so be sure to arrive early before they sell out.

15. Kilauea Market: Located in Kauai, this fresh fish eatery and market offers a rainbow of poke options, including sesame or spicy ahi and tako poke.


Exploring Hawaii's culinary scene is incomplete without indulging in the flavorsome world of poke. Whether you're attending the Kauai Poke Fest or embarking on a poke quest across the islands, Hawaii's poke offerings are sure to leave you craving for more. From traditional markets to hidden gems, these recommended spots will satisfy your poke desires and introduce you to the authentic flavors of this beloved Hawaiian dish. So, grab a bowl of poke and savor the taste of the islands!

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