A Taste of Cloverdale: New Food Festival Coming in 2024

Cloverdale is set to host a new food festival called 'A Taste of Cloverdale' in August 2024. The festival will partner with the town's well-established 'Market Days' and showcase local food, farmers, and growers.

Introducing 'A Taste of Cloverdale': A New Food Festival in 2024

A Taste of Cloverdale: New Food Festival Coming in 2024 - -1777881659

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A new food festival is set to make its debut in Cloverdale in 2024. Called 'A Taste of Cloverdale,' this exciting event will showcase the town's vibrant culinary scene and celebrate local food, farmers, and growers. With its partnership with the well-established 'Market Days,' this festival promises to be a delicious and entertaining experience for residents and visitors alike.

As the executive director of the Cloverdale Business Improvement Association (BIA), Paul Orazietti unveiled this exciting news during the BIA's Annual General Meeting. The festival is scheduled to take place in August, coinciding with Market Days, although the specific details of the partnership are still being finalized.

The BIA's Annual General Meeting: Key Discussions and Updates

The BIA's Annual General Meeting held at the Clova Theatre was filled with important discussions and updates. Attendees, including new directors and remote participants via Zoom, were eager to discuss the future plans for Cloverdale's economic and cultural vibrancy.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the election of twelve new directors to the 2024-2025 BIA board. These directors, representing various local businesses and organizations, will play a crucial role in shaping the town's future.

During the meeting, the treasurer's report for 2023 was presented, revealing a clean audit and a surplus of funds from the previous year. These funds will be utilized for ongoing projects, such as parking lot upgrades and intersection improvements, further enhancing the town's infrastructure.

Looking ahead to 2024, the BIA presented its proposed budget, which includes collaborating with the city on various projects. One notable project is the paving of a new parking lot on 56A Avenue, complete with landscaping, drainage, and lighting. Additionally, the BIA aims to enhance Hawthorne Square in partnership with the city, potentially adding new lighting, landscaping, and a heritage storyboard showcasing the area's rich film history.

Furthermore, the BIA expressed its continued support for the Cloverdale Arts and Entertainment Association, which organizes five events throughout the summer months. These events contribute to the town's cultural diversity and provide entertainment for both residents and visitors.

Advocating for Cloverdale's Growth and Development

As part of their commitment to the town's growth and development, the BIA is actively involved in discussions with the city to update the Official Community Plan (OCP) for the Cloverdale Town Centre. This update will include the incorporation of the Cloverdale Fairgrounds into the OCP for the first time, opening up new opportunities for the town.

The BIA aims to advocate for increased density in the town centre, supporting mixed-use developments that offer residential, office, and retail spaces. This approach will help meet the growing needs of the community and attract more entertainment, food services, and healthcare offices to the area.

During the AGM, Paul Orazietti, the executive director, shared the BIA's vision for a vibrant and thriving Cloverdale. With the upcoming 'A Taste of Cloverdale' festival, the ongoing projects, and the dedication of the BIA and its members, the future looks bright for this charming town.

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