Asheville's Culinary Scene: Closure of Local Karaoke Destination and Sustainable Brewing Success

Explore the latest updates from Asheville's culinary scene, including the closure of a popular karaoke spot and the sustainable brewing success of Wicked Weed Brewing. Discover the diverse cuisines, unique dining experiences, and commitment to sustainability that make Asheville's food and beverage community thrive.

Farewell to a Local Karaoke Favorite

Asheville's Culinary Scene: Closure of Local Karaoke Destination and Sustainable Brewing Success - -1530420986

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Asheville's vibrant food and beverage scene bids farewell to a beloved local hangout. Alley Cat Social Club, located in West Asheville, recently closed its doors after five years of providing a lively atmosphere for karaoke nights, live music performances, comedy shows, and more. The community gathered for tango and swing dance parties to celebrate the final days of business, leaving behind cherished memories.

Rescheduled Culinary Delights

The AVL Food Series, a year-long program showcasing local chefs and diverse cuisines, had to reschedule its inaugural dinner featuring Chef Michelle Bailey. Originally planned for February 22, the event was postponed due to the chef's illness. However, a new date has been confirmed for March 14 at The Mule. Attendees will be treated to a delectable four-course dinner prepared on Chef Bailey's custom-built Santa Maria fire table named Jolene.

The culinary journey continues with the Burger Bliss Food Fest on March 23 at The Mule. This family-friendly festival will feature over 10 chefs showcasing their unique burger creations, promising a delightful experience for burger enthusiasts of all ages.

A Fusion of Flavors: Jay Medford's Special Dinner

Sage & Spice Market is hosting a special five-course dinner on March 22, featuring renowned chef and restaurateur Jay Medford. Known for his fusion of Japanese and Korean influences with Southern and classically trained culinary techniques, Medford will create a menu of gluten-free dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients. This exclusive dining experience, limited to just 24 guests, promises a tantalizing fusion of flavors that should not be missed.

Wicked Weed Brewing: Leading the Way in Sustainability

Wicked Weed Brewing, a prominent brewery in Asheville, has recently achieved recognition for its commitment to sustainability. The company's main production brewery in Candler has been awarded a Gold certification under the Total Resource Use and Efficiency rating system, administered by Green Business Certification. Wicked Weed Brewing joins an elite group of only three breweries in the United States to receive this prestigious designation.

The brewery's dedication to sustainability is evident in its waste diversion efforts, with over 99.3% of materials being recycled or repurposed instead of ending up in landfills. In 2023 alone, the brewery recycled more than 100 tons of materials, composted over 11,000 lbs., and sent 6,000 tons of spent grain to become cattle feed. Additionally, the brewery actively engages the community in recycling initiatives, collecting nearly 28 cubic yards of foam through its "Foam Fridays" events.

Wicked Weed Brewing has implemented various eco-friendly practices, such as using reusable straps for shipping kegs, transitioning to 100% recyclable packaging for merchandise, and introducing collection cups with reusable lids. These efforts demonstrate the brewery's commitment to having a net positive impact on the environment and the communities it serves.

Asheville's Thriving Food and Beverage Community

Asheville's culinary scene continues to captivate both locals and visitors alike. From bidding farewell to a beloved karaoke spot to indulging in unique dining experiences and raising a glass to environmentally-friendly brewing, the city's food and beverage community showcases creativity, dedication, and sustainability-minded practices. With diverse cuisines, exciting festivals, and renowned chefs, Asheville remains a destination for food lovers seeking unforgettable experiences.

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