Christchurch Food Festival to be Accompanied by Food Fest Local

The Christchurch Business Improvement District (BID) will host its own 'Food Fest Local' alongside the Christchurch Food Festival, featuring various stalls, live music, and food courts spread throughout the high street.

Christchurch Food Festival: A Feast for the Senses

Christchurch Food Festival to be Accompanied by Food Fest Local - 1847330341

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A second food-themed event is set to tantalize taste buds alongside the highly anticipated Christchurch Food Festival. Prepare your palates for a double dose of deliciousness as the Christchurch Business Improvement District (BID) unveils its own 'Food Fest Local' happening simultaneously. While the main festival takes place at Christchurch Quay, the Food Fest Local will spread its gastronomic delights throughout the high street.

Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other as you explore various stalls, soak in the sounds of live music, and feast at the vibrant food courts. Popular Christchurch establishments such as Bacello, the Thomas Tripp, Dirty Gerties, Bodega, The Ship Inn, and Bonafide Wines will make 'pop-up' appearances, adding their unique flavors to the mix. From delectable tasters and artisan foods to locally crafted spirits, jams, chutneys, and baked goods, the Food Fest Local promises to satisfy every craving. And let's not forget the live music performances by talented local artists, setting the perfect soundtrack for your food-filled weekend.

But here's the twist: instead of confining the festivities to one location, food court areas will be set up along the high street, allowing you to indulge in culinary delights while immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the town center. Grab a seat, savor the flavors, and soak up the entertainment throughout the weekend. The aim of the Food Fest Local, according to Christchurch BID, is not to compete with the main festival but to encourage visitors to explore and support local businesses and food stalls in the heart of the town. It's an opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, with the main festival at the quay and the Food Fest Local along the high street.

The Christchurch BID believes that the Food Fest Local will be a fantastic addition to the town's culinary calendar, bringing together locals and visitors alike to celebrate the diverse food scene. With the event taking place alongside the Christchurch Food Festival, the entire town is expected to come alive with food-focused festivities, offering a feast for all the senses.

Originally planned for last year, the Food Fest Local had to be canceled due to unforeseen operational issues. However, the allocated funds were carried over, ensuring that this year's event will be bigger and better than ever before.

The details of the Food Fest Local event were scheduled to be presented to the Christchurch Town Council's resources committee on March 5th, marking an exciting step towards its official launch. Mark your calendars for May 25th and 26th, and get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other. Follow Christchurch BID's Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and announcements, ensuring you don't miss out on this delectable event.

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