Experience Retro Charm and Delicious Cuisine at Miami's National Hotel

Discover the unique atmosphere of the National Hotel in Miami's South Beach, with its retro charm and stunning Art Deco architecture. Indulge in delicious Spanish cuisine at Mareva 1939 and enjoy breathtaking views of the beach. A must-visit destination during the South Beach Food & Wine Festival.

Experience Retro Charm and Delicious Cuisine at Miami's National Hotel

Experience Retro Charm and Delicious Cuisine at Miami's National Hotel - -1386345688

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Miami's South Beach is renowned for its stunning Art Deco hotels, and one standout gem is the National Hotel. With its retro charm and breathtaking views, this hotel offers a unique experience for visitors.

Experience Retro Charm and Delicious Cuisine at Miami's National Hotel - 897534651

( Credit to: Forbes )

The National Hotel, dating back to 1939, exudes a nostalgic atmosphere that transports guests to a bygone era. Its stunning Spanish restaurant, Mareva 1939, offers not only delicious paella but also panoramic views of the beach that add to the overall dining experience.

For those looking to unwind with a classic drink, the National Hotel features a swanky bar specializing in timeless cocktails. The combination of the hotel's huge lap pool and retro ambiance makes it a top choice for tourists exploring South Beach.

Transforming During the South Beach Food & Wine Festival

During the South Beach Food & Wine Festival (SOBEWFF), the National Hotel truly comes alive. Alejandro Delgado, the director of food and beverage at the hotel, shared insights into how the property embraces the festival's spirit.

For several years now, the National Hotel has been hosting dining events as part of SOBEWFF. These events focus on Hispanic heritage and the hotel's coastal setting, creating a unique experience for attendees.

Hosting events during SOBEWFF not only drives local business to the restaurant and hotel but also offers valuable promotional exposure for the property. It allows the National Hotel to showcase its culinary offerings to a wider audience and attract future culinary talents through its partnership with the festival.

Noche Cubana: A Cuban Twist at the National Hotel

One of the highlights of the National Hotel's participation in SOBEWFF is the Noche Cubana event. During this special evening, the hotel features a signature cocktail called Hotel Nacional, putting a twist on the classic Cuban cocktail.

The Hotel Nacional cocktail perfectly captures the connection between the event's Cuban theme and the hotel's name, providing guests with a unique and memorable drink experience.

Delightful Cuisine at Mareva 1939

Mareva 1939, the Spanish restaurant at the National Hotel, offers a delightful culinary experience. Influenced by the executive chef's Barcelona roots and the flavors of Miami Beach, the menu combines Spanish tapas cuisine with a modern twist.

While paying homage to classic coastal cuisine, Mareva 1939 also incorporates local flavors, providing patrons with a contemporary dining experience. The combination of traditional and innovative dishes creates a memorable culinary journey for guests.

The National Hotel: A Must-Visit Destination

Miami Beach is a perfect destination for food festivals, and the National Hotel adds an extra layer of charm and allure to these events. Whether you're a hotel guest or a visitor attending the festival, the National Hotel offers a unique experience that combines classic style with delicious food and drinks.

With its retro charm, stunning views, and delectable culinary offerings, the National Hotel is a favorite among festival-goers and locals alike. Don't miss out on the vibrant food and wine scene that South Beach has to offer—make sure to include the National Hotel in your Miami itinerary.

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