Food Truck Festival Returns to LaFayette's Square

LaFayette Mainstreet brings back the popular Food Truck Fridays event, featuring over 20 food trucks offering a diverse range of cuisines, live music performances, and an exciting Easter egg hunt. The festival supports local businesses and brings the community together.

Food Truck Festival Returns to LaFayette's Square

Food Truck Festival Returns to LaFayette's Square - -830780130

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LaFayette Mainstreet brought back the popular Food Truck Fridays event, much to the delight of local residents. The festival, which took place on Friday, featured over 20 food trucks offering a diverse range of cuisines, from Brazilian dishes to Southern barbeque. The event, held in the square surrounding the courthouse, also included live music performances by local artists Autumn Sanders and Luke Hill.

DeAnna Hand, the director of LaFayette Mainstreet, explained that the festival was a way to bring the community together and provide a wider variety of food options for residents. 'LaFayette has a great sense of community and togetherness. So people like to come out and visit, have that camaraderie and fellowship, and have fun with one another,' she said.

Supporting Local Businesses and Community

In addition to the delicious food, the festival also celebrated the upcoming Easter holiday. The Easter bunny made a special appearance and took photos with children, while an exciting egg hunt had local kids running around the square in search of hidden treasures. Some eggs were even tucked away inside the open downtown businesses, encouraging attendees to support local shops.

The Food Truck Fridays event has proven to be a boon for local businesses, particularly those located downtown. Hand revealed that many of the shops reported their best business days during the food truck festivals. The goal of the festival is to promote local shopping, and not only were the food trucks from the area, but the shops around the square were also open for attendees to browse and shop.

LaFayette Mainstreet, a non-profit organization funded through membership and grants, organizes these events to support the local community. Hand encourages locals to become members, with a $5 membership fee, as a way to show support for the events Main Street puts on. The food truck festivals themselves do not incur any costs, and Hand mentioned that Friday's festival had the largest number of food trucks yet, with 22 in attendance. Many of the food truck owners have already expressed interest in participating in future festivals as well.

The success of the Food Truck Fridays event would not be possible without the help of volunteers. Around 20 volunteers dedicated their time to assist with the festival, from blocking off the square to setting up and cleaning up afterward. Hand expressed her gratitude for the partnership with the volunteers and acknowledged their crucial role in making the event a success.

Exciting Plans for the Future

Looking ahead, LaFayette Mainstreet has exciting plans for the future. Hand revealed that they are organizing a cornhole tournament to take place around Memorial Day. With the continued support of the community, these events will undoubtedly bring joy and excitement to LaFayette's residents.

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