Hot Luck: Austin's Ultimate Food and Music Festival

Hot Luck is Austin's premier food and music festival, featuring mouthwatering barbecue, a diverse lineup of musicians, and a laid-back atmosphere. With à la carte ticket options and support for a good cause, this Memorial Day weekend event is a must-attend for any food lover.

Hot Luck: Austin's Ultimate Food and Music Festival

Hot Luck: Austin's Ultimate Food and Music Festival - 767863634

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Hot Luck, Austin's popular music and food festival, is returning this Memorial Day weekend from May 23-26. The festival, co-founded by Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue, James Moody of Mohawk, and Mike Thelin of Feast Portland, promises to be a delicious and entertaining event.

One of the highlights of Hot Luck is the abundance of mouthwatering barbecue. Franklin Barbecue, known for its exceptional smoked meats, will be serving up their signature dishes alongside other renowned pit masters from Austin and across Texas. Festival-goers can expect a feast of flavors and the opportunity to sample some of the best barbecue in the state.

A Culinary and Musical Retreat

What sets Hot Luck apart from other food festivals is its laid-back atmosphere and diverse lineup of musicians. The festival aims to create a foodie nature retreat where attendees can relax and enjoy the best of both worlds. With an expanded program this year, Hot Luck offers an array of events and experiences for every food lover.

One of the unique features of Hot Luck is its à la carte ticket approach. This allows attendees to choose the events they are most interested in and tailor their experience accordingly. Whether it's attending the "supper club" on Friday or the brunch on Sunday, guests have the flexibility to create their own culinary adventure.

Not only is Hot Luck a celebration of food and music, but it also supports a good cause. The festival benefits the Southern Smoke Foundation, an organization that provides assistance to workers in the food and beverage industry. By attending Hot Luck, festival-goers are not only indulging in delicious food but also making a positive impact on the community.

A Weekend of Delicious Events

The festival kicks off on Thursday, May 23, with an exclusive party hosted by the Taco Mafia Crew at Mohawk. This group of taqueros, including chefs from Nixta Taqueria and Cuantos Tacos, will offer a taste of their collaboration. For those with a sweet tooth, dessert will be provided by Sarah Lim of OMG Squee.

On Friday, May 24, Hot Luck presents the Hot Luck Supper Club at Fair Market. Inspired by the cozy atmosphere and comfort food of midcentury supper clubs, this warehouse dinner party will feature bites from renowned chefs such as Marc-Olivier Frappier, Mashama Bailey, and Sarah Grueneberg, among others.

Saturday, May 25, brings a special pop-up event featuring Turkey and the Wolf, a famous New Orleans sandwich shop. Chef Mason Hereford will be serving up his unique creations at Uptown Sports Club, the new venture by Aaron Franklin.

The main event, Al Fuego, takes place on Saturday at Wild Onion Ranch. Chefs will showcase their live fire cooking skills, giving attendees a firsthand look at their culinary expertise. From Chuy Villarreal's Cara de Vaca to Adam Perry Lang's APL, there will be an impressive lineup of chefs ready to tantalize taste buds.

To wrap up the festivities, Hot Luck presents Camp Sunnyside, a campfire-side brunch on Sunday, May 26. Chefs like Ashley Christensen, Jeremy Sewall, and Gabriel Rucker will serve up a delicious spread, providing the perfect ending to a weekend of culinary delights.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Tickets for Hot Luck are available now, with options to purchase individual event tickets or a package deal that includes access to all events. The festival also offers a family pass for those attending with children. In addition to the food events, ticket holders will also have early entry to all music events, with the lineup set to be announced in April.

Hot Luck is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together the best of Austin's food and music scene. With its relaxed vibe, diverse culinary offerings, and support for a worthy cause, this festival is a must-attend for any food lover. Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the flavors of Austin and beyond at Hot Luck this Memorial Day weekend.

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