Kelly Burton Bids Farewell to London Laurel Tourism Commission After 5 1/2 Years

Kelly Burton, co-executive director of the London Laurel Tourism Commission, steps down from her role after 5 1/2 years of dedicated service, leaving a lasting impact on promoting London and Laurel County.

Kelly Burton Bids Farewell to London Laurel Tourism Commission

Kelly Burton Bids Farewell to London Laurel Tourism Commission After 5 1/2 Years - 436841663

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Kelly Burton, co-executive director of the London Laurel Tourism Commission, bid farewell to her role on Friday after 5 1/2 years of dedicated service. Burton expressed her desire to take a break and spend quality time with her family while pursuing personal interests.

During her tenure, Burton played a pivotal role in promoting London and Laurel County. Her enthusiasm and passion for her community were evident in her work. Collaborating closely with the City Tourism Executive Director Chris Robinson, Burton worked diligently to ensure the success of events such as the World Chicken Festival. Together with her co-executive director, Kim Collier, she represented the community at various trade shows, boat shows, and the Kentucky State Fair, all aimed at attracting tourists to the area.

Dedication to Promoting London and Laurel County

Burton's commitment to her role extended beyond her official responsibilities. She was a familiar face at numerous public events, capturing videos and pictures that she would later share on the website. Her dedication to promoting her hometown was unwavering.

Despite bidding farewell to her formal role, Burton wasted no time in continuing to support her community. On the same evening as her departure, she and her husband headed to Cincinnati to promote the Redbud Ride at the CORA trade show. This annual event draws hundreds of cyclists to the area every April.

Passion for Showcasing Hometown at Trade Shows

When asked about her favorite aspect of her job, Burton expressed her love for attending trade shows where she could showcase her hometown and its attractions to visitors. She always exuded the same enthusiasm in her everyday work, often taking time to interact with visitors and promote the region's offerings.

Involvement in Community Initiatives and Projects

Burton's involvement extended beyond promoting the area's events and attractions. She actively participated in initiatives such as the Appalachian Triangle of Kentucky, which utilizes ARPA funds for development. She also supported projects like Just Add Water and the Kentucky Capital Quest. Recently, two trails were added to the Waterfalls Trails by Kentucky Wildlands, further enhancing the tourism potential of the region.

Reflecting on Taking a Break and Looking Ahead

Reflecting on her decision to take a break, Burton revealed that she had been considering it since November. She believes it is important to focus on personal and professional goals. Moving forward, she hopes for continued collaboration between the tourism commission and the city tourism department. With her new role as a participant rather than an organizer, Burton looks forward to contributing in different ways.

Kelly Burton's Impact and Legacy

Kelly Burton's dedication to promoting her community and her tireless efforts in attracting tourists to London and Laurel County will be remembered. Her passion and enthusiasm have left a lasting impact, and her love for her job and community shines through in every endeavor.

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