Must-Try Dishes at Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Discover the standout favorites at the Food & Wine Festival in Disney California Adventure, including the Grilled Top Sirloin, Chicken Lollipop, and S'mores Caramel Tart. Don't miss these delectable dishes!

Discover the Must-Try Dishes at Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

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The Food & Wine Festival has returned to Disney California Adventure, offering a plethora of limited-time food options until April 22, 2024. During a recent visit, there were three standout favorites that you simply can't miss.

Must-Try Dishes at Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival - 504734261

( Credit to: Attractionsmagazine )

First up is the Grilled Top Sirloin from the Garlic Kissed festival booth. This dish features roasted garlic-gruyere smashed potatoes and garlic chimichurri, making it a must-try for garlic lovers. The creamy potatoes, perfectly grilled sirloin, and robust garlic flavor make for a delightful combination.

Next on the list is the Chicken Lollipop, a new addition to the festival this year. Despite my usual aversion to chicken on the bone, the well-seasoned brine and ample meat on the bone made this dish a winner. The accompanying sides of poblano mashed potatoes, caramelized fennel, and fried carrots elevate this plate to comfort food heaven.

For dessert, the S'mores Caramel Tart stole the show. The graham cracker tart shell is filled with a luscious combination of caramel and chocolate ganache, topped with a perfectly toasted marshmallow. The fudge-like chocolate, soft yet sturdy graham cracker crust, and toasted marshmallow create a winning combination of flavors.

All three of these mouthwatering dishes can be purchased individually or enjoyed as part of the Sip and Savor Pass. The pass offers the option of four or eight items, allowing you to indulge in even more delicious bites.

To make the most of your visit and avoid long wait times, it's recommended to do some research in advance and order multiple items at once. Fortunately, you can order any food available at the festival booths from any of the booths themselves. Once you place your order, you'll receive a receipt listing all your chosen items. You can pick up your food and drinks at different times throughout the day, as long as you keep your receipt safe.

The Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is a delightful culinary adventure that should not be missed. Whether you're a garlic lover, a fan of comfort food, or have a sweet tooth, there's something for everyone at this festival. Don't forget to share your favorites and memorable experiences in the comments below!

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