New Forest Gourmet Fishcake Producer Competes for Aldi's Next Big Thing

Hayley Elston, founder of The Fabulous Catch Company, showcases her gourmet fishcakes on Aldi's Next Big Thing, competing for a nationwide contract with Aldi. The company's unique fishcakes have gained popularity for their sustainable ingredients and award-winning flavors.

The Fabulous Catch Company: Gourmet Fishcakes Competing for Aldi's Next Big Thing

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Hayley Elston, the founder of The Fabulous Catch Company, is set to showcase her gourmet fishcakes on Channel 4's show, Aldi's Next Big Thing. This exciting opportunity will see Hayley compete against hundreds of applicants for a chance to secure a contract to stock Aldi's stores nationwide. The show, hosted by Anita Rani and Chris Bavin, will judge food-and-drink producers based on taste, price, packaging, shopper demand, and scalability.

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The Fabulous Catch Company has gained popularity through its presence at food festivals and farmers' markets across the south of England. Last year, Hayley launched an online store, expanding her reach and customer base. The company's unique selling point lies in combining sustainably-caught fish with non-traditional flavors, resulting in award-winning and trend-setting fishcakes. These delectable creations have earned the company Great Taste Awards and several other accolades.

The Journey of The Fabulous Catch Company: From Fish Finger Sandwiches to Gourmet Delicacies

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The journey began for Hayley in 2012 when she introduced her now legendary fish finger sandwich at Camp Bestival on the Isle of Wight. Made exclusively from the catch of the Yarmouth Fishermen's Association (now the Needles Fishermen's Co-op), the Fabulous Fishy Fingers became an instant success. Encouraged by this response, Catch expanded its offerings to include other unique fish delicacies, such as gourmet fishcakes, crab cakes, and crab bisque, catering to both retail and restaurant sectors.

Hayley emphasized the company's commitment to supporting the declining fishing industry and protecting diminishing fish stocks, stating, "Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent food while supporting local fish markets. We source from local growers and artisan food producers to create a fabulous range of ready-to-eat products that blend traditional flavors with modern tastes."

The expertise of renowned chef and Milford resident Herbert Berger, who holds three Michelin stars and is also an investor in the company, has guided several of Catch's products. Herbert's philosophy of doing things properly without cutting corners has influenced the Catch team, who receive invaluable tuition on techniques and natural flavor combinations. This collaboration results in unique gourmet products that are true taste sensations.

Aldi's Commitment to British Suppliers: The Next Big Thing Competition

Aldi, known for its commitment to supporting British suppliers, organizes the competition as part of its ongoing efforts. In the previous year, the supermarket chain spent an additional £1.3 billion with British suppliers and growers, who now account for over three-quarters of all items sold in its stores.

Tune in to Aldi's Next Big Thing on Channel 4 on Tuesday, April 2nd, at 8 pm to witness Hayley Elston and The Fabulous Catch Company compete for a coveted spot on Aldi's shelves.

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