Norwich Band, The High Points, Collaborates with Wendy's in Extraordinary Opportunity

Norwich band, The High Points, had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to feature in a commercial for Wendy's. Their song, 'Taking My Time,' was played on TV and radio across America for six months, catapulting their musical career to new heights.

The High Points Collaborates with Wendy's: A Match Made in Fast Food Heaven

Norwich Band, The High Points, Collaborates with Wendy's in Extraordinary Opportunity - -1726586533

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Norwich band, The High Points, recently had an extraordinary opportunity to feature in a commercial for American fast food chain Wendy's. The band, consisting of Ethan, Matt, Liam, and Paul, are known for their busking performances on the streets of Norwich.

Around a year ago, Wendy's unexpectedly reached out to the band, expressing interest in using one of their songs, "Taking My Time," for an advertisement promoting their breakfast deal. While unsure how Wendy's discovered their music, The High Points speculate that it may have been through a popular TikTok video that gained significant traction in the United States.

Ethan Keens-Soper, the band's lead vocalist and guitarist, described the experience as a "one in a million chance." Wendy's informed them that it was the first time they had ever collaborated with an unsigned band, making it an incredible stroke of luck for The High Points. The band feels incredibly grateful for the opportunity, as their song was played on television and radio throughout America for a duration of six months.

From the Streets of Norwich to American Airwaves: The High Points' Musical Journey

Despite their newfound exposure, The High Points have not ceased their local performances. They recently had a sold-out show at The Waterfront and continue to engage in busking during their free time. Additionally, the band has scheduled a performance at Epic Studios on August 17 and is currently in the early stages of planning a tour in the USA by the end of the year.

Busking became a significant part of The High Points' journey during the pandemic when live shows were abruptly canceled. They quickly realized that it served as an excellent platform to gain followers and test out new songs. As a result, they now travel to various cities across the UK, sharing their funk-inspired music with audiences.

Ethan expressed the band's desire to share their music and expand their fanbase in as many cities and countries as possible. In addition to their busking and live performances, The High Points also perform at weddings and parties, aiming to bring joy and happiness to everyone they encounter.

A Perfect Blend of Music and Fast Food: The High Points and Wendy's Collaboration

The High Points' collaboration with Wendy's has undoubtedly opened doors for their musical career. This unique opportunity has not only showcased their talent to a wider audience but has also provided them with the chance to pursue their dreams on an international scale. As they continue to captivate audiences with their infectious sound, it's clear that The High Points are destined for even greater success in the future.

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