Waterfront Blues Festival Implements New Food and Drink Policy for Safety

The Waterfront Blues Festival will no longer allow outside food or drink due to safety concerns. While some attendees have raised concerns, the festival is working to accommodate medical needs and provide suitable food options.

Waterfront Blues Festival Implements New Food and Drink Policy for Safety

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The Waterfront Blues Festival, a highly anticipated event this year, is set to showcase a lineup of talented artists including Ben Harper, Bobby Rush, and Leyla McCalla. However, attendees will have to adjust to a new policy this summer as the festival will no longer allow outside food or drink. While this change may disappoint some festival-goers, festival director Christina Fuller explains that it is a necessary measure due to safety concerns.

Fuller reveals that the festival has been contemplating this policy for several years and is one of the last major urban music festivals to implement it. She acknowledges that the festival has a rich history spanning almost four decades, but the realities of organizing a large-scale event have evolved. Ensuring the safety of attendees has become a top priority.

The decision to ban outside food and drink stems from the difficulty in searching through coolers and bags brought by festival-goers. In the past, this may have been feasible, but in today's world, it poses significant safety risks. Fuller emphasizes that while the change may be challenging, it is essential.

Supporting Medical Needs and Suitable Food Options

Despite initial concerns, Fuller notes that ticket sales remain strong, with the majority of attendees supporting the new policy. However, there are some dissenting voices, such as Jennifer Gunter, a long-time festival attendee. Gunter expresses her worry about the lack of options for individuals with specific dietary needs, such as those with diabetes or heart issues. She questions whether the festival's vendors will truly offer food that is safe and suitable for such individuals.

Gunter, who is part of a group of friends that has been attending the festival for years, believes that the new policy presents additional dangers for an audience that predominantly consists of seniors. She highlights the extended duration of the festival, from 11 am to 10 pm, and the potential risks of not having access to safe food for such a prolonged period.

To address these concerns, festival organizers have made exceptions for medical needs. Attendees requiring diabetic options, baby formula, or other medically necessary food or drink will be accommodated. The organizers encourage anyone with concerns or questions to reach out directly via the provided email address.

Furthermore, the festival team is actively working to recruit food vendors that offer healthy and snack-sized options. They aim to support local independent businesses while ensuring the availability of suitable food choices for festival-goers. The selection of vendors and their menus will be announced in the spring.

Fuller emphasizes the importance of communication and urges attendees to share their needs and any concessions they believe could be made. The festival organizers are receptive to feedback and are committed to making the necessary adjustments to meet the requirements of their diverse audience.

Ensuring a Safe and Enjoyable Experience

In conclusion, the Waterfront Blues Festival's decision to prohibit outside food and drink is driven by safety concerns. While some attendees have voiced their objections, festival organizers are working to accommodate medical needs and provide suitable food options. By fostering open communication and recruiting vendors that offer healthy choices, the festival aims to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

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