Dreamville Fest: A Memorable Weekend of Music, Art, and Food

Experience the magic of Dreamville Fest as it wraps up a successful weekend of music, art, and food. Join thousands of attendees for an unforgettable family reunion filled with star-studded performances, enhanced attractions, and delicious culinary options. Don't miss out on this beloved tradition that puts North Carolina on the map!

Dreamville Fest: A Memorable Weekend of Music, Art, and Food

Dreamville Fest: A Memorable Weekend of Music, Art, and Food - 1520148050

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Dreamville Fest at Dix Park in Raleigh concluded on Sunday with headliners J. Cole and Nicki Minaj, marking the end of a busy and memorable weekend. The festival, which has become a tradition for many, offered more than just a musical celebration.

For attendees like Shauna, who traveled from Thomasville, Dreamville Fest feels like a family reunion. As the festival continues to grow, long-time Dreamers reminisce about their first year when the event was just starting to fulfill their dreams. "The first year we came, we had some issues with food and other things, so it's exciting to see how much it has improved. Now we have a lot more options," Shauna shared.

This year, Dreamville Fest expanded to two main stages with enhanced lighting, multiple attractions, and unique experiences. The festival's hype even spread to social media platforms, with Pearis Ellis from Baltimore discovering it on TikTok just a few days before the event. Excited to see Nicki Minaj perform, she booked a ticket and made the trip to Raleigh. However, she noted that there could have been more marketing efforts to increase awareness of the festival in Maryland.

Star-Studded Performances and Unforgettable Experiences

Following the success of Drake's performance last year, Dreamville Fest continued its trend of featuring marquee acts in 2024. SZA, 50 Cent, and Nicki Minaj were among the star-studded lineup. However, for many attendees, the highlight of the festival was the homecoming of J. Cole, the founder of Dreamville and a Fayetteville native. "Being able to come out here and witness the impact Fayetteville has had on him means a lot to us," said Jordan Everett from Fayetteville.

The festival not only brings joy to its attendees but also aims to put North Carolina on the map. "I hope that people can come to the city not just for Dreamville Fest but for other events that we host," expressed Ty Bethune from Fayetteville.

Impressive Turnout and Beloved Tradition

According to Dreamville organizers, the festival attracted 50,000 people on both Saturday and Sunday, resulting in a total of 100,000 attendees over the weekend. The event was a resounding success, and it is evident that Dreamville Fest has become a beloved tradition for music, art, and food enthusiasts.

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