Shropshire Festivals and Henshalls Insurance Group Celebrate 10-Year Partnership

Shropshire Festivals and Henshalls Insurance Group mark a decade of collaboration, providing insurance coverage for festivals and corporate events in Shropshire. The partnership showcases the strong support and camaraderie among local businesses.

Shropshire Festivals and Henshalls Insurance Group: A Decade of Collaboration

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Shropshire Festivals and Henshalls Insurance Group are celebrating a remarkable 10-year partnership. With their insurance coverage, Shropshire Festivals can confidently organize their events, knowing that all eventualities are taken care of. This collaboration highlights the strong support and camaraderie among businesses in Shropshire.

Beth Heath, the Creative Director of Shropshire Festivals, expressed her gratitude for the ongoing support from Henshalls. This partnership has allowed Shropshire Festivals to focus on creating memorable experiences for attendees without worrying about potential risks.

Jenny Osborne, a representative from Henshalls, emphasized the company's commitment to the local community. By backing Shropshire Festivals, Henshalls aims to give back to their clients and neighbors while being part of the vibrant and exciting festival atmosphere.

Shropshire Business Festival: A Place for Learning and Networking

The Shropshire Business Festival, scheduled for Thursday, April 11 at Wrekin College, is the upcoming event on the Festivals team's calendar. Beth described the festival as a place for learning, expanding professional networks, and conducting business in a different way.

Last year's event was a resounding success, attracting over 500 business leaders who enjoyed networking, talks, seminars, and the overall festive ambiance. Shropshire Business Festival aims to break down the barriers of traditional business events and create a fun and engaging experience for all types of businesses.

To attend the Shropshire Business Festival, interested individuals can secure their free tickets by visiting the event's official website. This is an opportunity not to be missed for those seeking to connect with like-minded professionals, gain knowledge, and explore new business possibilities.

Shropshire Festivals and Henshalls: Making a Positive Impact

As Shropshire Festivals and Henshalls celebrate their longstanding partnership, they continue to exemplify the collaborative spirit and support that exists within the Shropshire business community. Together, they are making a positive impact and contributing to the growth and success of local businesses and events.

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