The Exorbitant Prices of Food at Coachella: A Breakdown of Costs

Discover the exorbitant prices of food at Coachella, from $11 slices of pizza to $33 turkey burger meals. Find out the cost breakdown and the challenges of finding seating in the festival environment. Explore the diverse food options and the hit-or-miss experiences with different dishes. Despite the high prices, many festivalgoers are willing to splurge for a taste of the Coachella experience.

The Cost of Food at Coachella: A Look at the Exorbitant Prices

The Exorbitant Prices of Food at Coachella: A Breakdown of Costs - 1008696697

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The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, held in Indio, California, is not only known for its incredible music and art but also for its exorbitant food prices. Business Insider's music team attended Coachella in 2022 and 2023 and documented the cost of each meal they had at the festival. From $11 slices of pizza to $33 turkey burger meals, here's a breakdown of just how much food can cost at Coachella.

Limited Seating and Festival Environment

Given the massive number of festivalgoers, finding proper seating at Coachella is a challenge. Many people end up eating their meals on the ground or on the go, making it difficult to enjoy certain food options that require utensils or a steady hand.

The Messy Delight of Fried Chicken Sandwich

One of the tastier options tried by the team was a fried chicken sandwich that cost $17 before tax and tip. However, it proved to be messy to eat and fell apart easily, making it a bit challenging to enjoy.

The Long Wait for Pizza

Pizza lovers at Coachella had several options, but the lines were excessively long. One booth offered various toppings, including cheese, pepperoni, pepperoni jalapeƱo, veggie, and vegan veggie, all priced at $11 per slice. However, the 30-minute wait time made it a less desirable option for hungry festivalgoers.

Disappointing Grilled Cheese

A booth advertising "loaded grilled cheese" options turned out to be a disappointment. The team ordered the standard $16 grilled cheese, but it was served on mediocre bread that wasn't even toasted all the way through. The lack of toppings, apart from bacon or tomato for an additional cost, made it a less satisfying meal.

Lukewarm Sides

The available sides at Coachella included $14 onion rings and $12 crinkle-cut fries. Unfortunately, both options were served lukewarm, which took away from the overall enjoyment of the meal. At least the containers of ranch and hot sauce did not require an extra charge.

Basic but Yummy Chicken Tenders

For $17, festivalgoers could indulge in a plate of basic but tasty chicken tenders served on a bed of crispy french fries. It was a satisfying option for those looking for a classic festival meal.

Chinese Food at Coachella

One booth offered Chinese food, including an orange chicken bowl priced at $17. The dish consisted of orange chicken and white rice, providing a flavorful alternative to traditional festival fare.

The Price of Coffee

A small cup of black coffee at Coachella cost a whopping $10 each, plus tip. While the taste was average, the energy boost was much appreciated for those needing a pick-me-up during the festival.

Hot Dogs as a Backup

When the team couldn't get their hands on the desired chicken tenders, they settled for hot dogs. Two basic hot dogs and two sides of fries set them back $45. It was a decent option but not as fulfilling as they had hoped.

Turkey Burger Extravaganza

One of the best meals at Coachella was a turkey burger meal, which also happened to be one of the most expensive at $33. The turkey burger itself cost $16, and an additional $8 was required for a side of french fries, not including tax or tip.

Indulging in Strawberry Lemonade

For a refreshing beverage, festivalgoers could enjoy a large cup of strawberry lemonade for just over $18. The tasty drink cost $15 before tax and tip, providing a sweet and tangy treat amidst the festival chaos.


Food at Coachella comes at a steep price, with slices of pizza costing $11, turkey burger meals reaching $33, and even a cup of black coffee priced at $10. While the options may be diverse and flavorful, the high costs and limited seating options can make it challenging for festivalgoers to fully enjoy their meals. Despite the extravagant prices, many attendees are willing to splurge for a taste of the Coachella experience.

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