Top Texas Hill Country Spots to Watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse

Discover the best places in the Texas Hill Country to witness the 2024 total solar eclipse. From wineries and breweries to bars and restaurants, experience the excitement and indulge in specialized drinks and food while marveling at this celestial phenomenon.

Experience the Total Solar Eclipse in the Texas Hill Country

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The Texas Hill Country is gearing up for the highly anticipated total solar eclipse in 2024, and locals and visitors alike are seeking out the best spots to witness this celestial phenomenon. From wineries and breweries to bars and restaurants, the region is buzzing with excitement as establishments prepare to offer specialized drinks and food to commemorate the event.

Discover the top places in the Texas Hill Country to enjoy the total solar eclipse and indulge in unique experiences that cater to your preferences. Whether you're a wine enthusiast, beer lover, or barbecue connoisseur, there's something for everyone to savor while marveling at the awe-inspiring dance of celestial bodies above.

Wine for the People - Fredericksburg, TX

Wine for the People, a renowned winery and tasting room, is curating an unparalleled viewing experience for wine enthusiasts. Join their Solar Eclipse Event, taking place on Monday, April 8, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. With indoor and outdoor seating options available, you can enjoy the eclipse in your preferred setting.

Each ticket includes wine credits worth $50 or $90, depending on the package chosen. Indulge in their exquisite wines while basking in the celestial spectacle unfolding before your eyes.

Off Main Brewing - Kerrville, TX

Kick off the four-day eclipse weekend at Off Main Brewing in Kerrville, where they will be serving special mimosas and beers to celebrate this extraordinary event. Be sure to try their signature drinks inspired by the eclipse, such as the Eclipse Porter, a dry-roasted and bitter brew that pays homage to the rare alignment of the cosmos.

For a refreshing twist, savor the "Four Minutes and 25 Seconds" prosecco cocktail, blending rose prosecco with blackberry wine to symbolize the duration of totality experienced in Kerrville.

Ab Astris Winery - Stonewall, TX

Ab Astris Winery, meaning "of the stars," is hosting a Solar Eclipse viewing party that promises an unforgettable experience. Wine club members can join for $50, while the general public can attend for $75.

Each ticket includes a glass of the winery's special release eclipse red wine blend and viewing glasses. Immerse yourself in the cosmic atmosphere as you sip on exquisite wines and witness the mesmerizing eclipse unfold.

Middleton Brewing - San Marcos, TX

Join the eclipse watch party at Middleton Brewing in San Marcos, just outside the path of totality. While official details are yet to be announced, the brewery plans to offer specials on beers for the day of the event.

Enjoy the celestial show with a pint in hand and savor the free solar eclipse glasses provided with each purchase. Pair your drink with mouthwatering smash burgers for a complete and satisfying experience.

Senza Maeso Tasting Room and Bar - San Marcos, TX

Step into the cosmic warehouse of Senza Maeso Tasting Room and Bar, tucked away in the Hill Country. Experience the total solar eclipse with their specialty drinks crafted for this celestial event.

Indulge in the bright white "Sunspot" daiquiri or the dark charcoal activated "Cosmic Veil." To honor the eclipse itself, they will also create an eclipse-shadowed drink with a tropical hint. Satisfy your cravings with delectable desserts from Custard Prison and schnitzels from PopiolATX, while Sauce It Up's woodfire pizza truck offers a savory option to complete your cosmic feast.

Vista Brewing - Driftwood, TX

Immerse yourself in the Vista Eclipse Fest at Vista Brewing, a multi-day event featuring live music, food and drink specials, and ample space to watch the eclipse on their scenic ranch.

Don't miss their Eclipse Rye Barrel Aged Dark Skies Black Pilsner, a unique brew that captures the essence of this celestial event. Indulge in the "Total Solar Eclipse" Wagyu Burger and savor the flavors of the Hill Country while marveling at the eclipse.

Bay View Restaurant & Bar - Cottonwood Shores, TX

Positioned right in the path of totality, Bay View Restaurant & Bar near Marble Falls offers a special Total Solar Eclipse package for $35 per person.

Enjoy the breathtaking view with Bay View-branded eclipse viewing glasses and choose a beverage of your choice. Delight in a specially prepared luncheon selection from their menu, creating a memorable dining experience as you witness the celestial phenomenon.

Salt Lick BBQ - Driftwood, TX

Salt Lick BBQ, a beloved barbecue spot in the Hill Country, invites you to a family-friendly celestial BBQ party.

For just $25 per vehicle, enjoy admission for all passengers and receive complimentary solar glasses (available for the first 1,000 attendees). Indulge in a variety of barbecue options, including sloppy nachos, sausage wraps, pork rib boats, and chopped beef sandwiches. Quench your thirst at the bar, offering a selection of beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Witness the Celestial Spectacle in the Heart of Texas

The Texas Hill Country is set to be a prime destination for witnessing the 2024 total solar eclipse, and these establishments are going above and beyond to provide unforgettable experiences for their guests.

Whether you prefer wine, beer, or barbecue, there's something for everyone to enjoy while marveling at the awe-inspiring dance of celestial bodies above. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event in the heart of Texas!

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