Top Vegetarian Food Options at New Orleans Jazz Fest

Discover the top vegetarian food options at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, including flavorful Jama Jama with plantains, spicy grilled tofu and veggies, refreshing Bun with tofu, savory cheese and potato empanadas, and more. Indulge in delicious and satisfying vegetarian meals while enjoying the vibrant music and culture of the festival.

Top Vegetarian Food Options at New Orleans Jazz Fest

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The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival has expanded its vegetarian food offerings over the years, providing a rich and diverse selection for festival-goers seeking meatless options. This year, a few beloved favorites have returned after a brief hiatus. Here are the top picks for vegetarian snacks and meals at Jazz Fest:

Jama Jama (spinach) with Plantains - Bennachin, Congo Square

After missing the Jazz Fest for a while, the traditional African dish of sautéed spinach, known as Jama Jama, is back. This flavorful and nutritious dish has been a go-to for vegetarians and vegans at the festival. For a heartier serving, pair it with the fried plantains.

Spicy Grilled Tofu and Veggies - Gambian Foods, Congo Square

For those looking for a hearty vegan option, Gambian Foods offers a spicy grilled tofu dish. Served with squash and a dairy-free slaw over couscous, this flavorful meal is not for the faint of heart. The tofu packs a punch of heat that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

Bun (Vietnamese Noodle Bowl) with Tofu - Ba Mien, Heritage Square

Ba Mien offers a refreshing Vietnamese rice noodle salad known as Bun. While tofu may not be listed on the online Jazz Fest menu, you can request fried golden planks of tofu to create a satisfying vegan entrée. The cool rice noodles, fresh carrots, and lettuce make for a light and rejuvenating dish.

Cheese and Potato Empanada - Cultural Exchange Pavilion

As part of the celebration of Colombia at Jazz Fest this year, the Cultural Exchange Pavilion offers a vegetarian empanada. Gooey cheese is nestled between potatoes, all encased in a chip-crisp cornmeal crust. This savory treat is a delightful fusion of flavors.

Tunisian Salad - Jamila's Cafe, Food Area 2

Jamila's Cafe serves up a crunchy and refreshing Tunisian salad, a traditional North African dish. This light vegan salad features a vinaigrette infused with herbs, complementing the combination of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumber, onion, and sliced apples. It serves as a palate cleanser and prepares you for your next culinary adventure.

Vegetarian Muffuletta - DiMartino's, Food Area 1

DiMartino's offers a vegetarian twist on the classic muffuletta sandwich. Instead of Italian meats, you'll find an extra-thick layer of cheese and olive salad on the same seeded loaf. The powerful flavors of the olive salad make this handheld delight a satisfying choice for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Toasted Corn Ribs - Fritai, Food Area 2

A new addition this year, Fritai introduces toasted corn ribs to the Jazz Fest menu. These "ribs" are cut in a way that allows you to nibble the kernels off a curving "bone" sliced from the cob. Served with a roasted red pepper sauce, this dish brings a Creole twist to Haitian cuisine.

Fried Brussels Sprouts - Smoked Street Catering, Food Area 1

Smoked Street Catering offers a delectable dish of fried Brussels sprouts topped with crumbled feta and a tangy, slightly sweet sauce. The combination of flavors adds an interesting twist to this classic vegetable, making it a must-try at Jazz Fest.


The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival caters to a wide range of dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options. With these top picks, vegetarians can indulge in delicious and satisfying meals while enjoying the vibrant music and culture of the festival.

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