Clarifying Misconceptions Surrounding the Fredonia Farm Festival

This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation surrounding the Fredonia Farm Festival, dispelling any misconceptions and highlighting the contributions of former organizer Mark Mackey.

Clarifying Misconceptions Surrounding the Fredonia Farm Festival

Clarifying Misconceptions Surrounding the Fredonia Farm Festival - 1830888649

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The Fredonia Farm Festival has recently faced criticism and controversy, with individuals directing blame towards Mark Mackey, a former organizer of the event. However, it is essential to shed light on the facts and dispel any misconceptions surrounding Mackey's involvement and the festival's cancellation. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation based solely on the information provided in the raw content.

The Non-Profit Organization and Village Involvement

The Fredonia Farm Festival is organized by Festivals Fredonia, a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to running community festivals. Contrary to popular belief, the village has minimal involvement, only granting permission to use the park. It is crucial to note that Mackey had stepped down from his role in the festival, a fact that was publicly announced and communicated to all stakeholders, including vendors and Festivals Fredonia.

Ivy Rivera's Interest

While Ivy Rivera expressed interest in taking over the festival, Mackey's busy schedule during the event made it difficult to connect. Mackey rightly expected a follow-up from Rivera, especially since she had his contact information. However, no further communication was initiated, leaving Mackey unaware of her intentions. It is important to understand that Mackey's decision to step down was unrelated to Rivera's interest or lack thereof.

Mackey's Involvement with the Village

Former trustee David Bird's claim that Mackey only attended one meeting for ten minutes is true. However, this claim overlooks the significant impact of a new vendor law introduced by Bird, which affected all festivals and the Farmer's Market. Mackey actively fought for the rights of vendors and invested numerous hours attending planning board meetings. His dedication to supporting vendors and ensuring their financial burden was minimized showcases his commitment to the festival's success.

Challenges Faced

Running the Fredonia Farm Festival involved various challenges throughout the years. Mackey consistently encountered roadblocks, such as the food truck law, park reconstruction, and signage regulations. These obstacles required him to invest time and effort into advocating for the festival's smooth operation. Mackey's commitment to overcoming these hurdles highlights his passion for the event and his dedication to the vendors and community.

Lack of Support

Despite the significant impact the Fredonia Farm Festival has on the village, Mackey felt a lack of support from the village board. He expressed disappointment in the absence of proactive assistance and a genuine willingness to collaborate. Mackey's hope for the board to approach him with a supportive attitude and a desire to help was unmet, further contributing to his decision to step down.

Mackey's Contributions

Throughout his tenure as the festival's organizer, Mackey demonstrated a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. He dedicated countless hours to ensure the festival ran smoothly, attending multiple festivals to recruit vendors and tirelessly organizing various aspects of the event. His efforts were widely recognized by vendors, who praised the festival's organization under his leadership.


In conclusion, it is important to address the misconceptions surrounding Mark Mackey's involvement in the Fredonia Farm Festival. He played a crucial role in organizing the event and faced numerous challenges along the way. The decision to step down was influenced by a lack of support from the village board and a desire for change. Rather than directing blame and engaging in negative rhetoric, it is essential to appreciate Mackey's contributions and consider his perspective. Moving forward, it is hoped that the festival can continue to thrive under new leadership, with the support and cooperation of the village board.

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