Get Ready for the Blues: Tallahassee's Back-to-Back Blues Festivals

Don't miss out on the exciting blues festivals happening in Tallahassee! Experience soulful performances from talented blues artists at the Backyard Blues Festival and The Sounds of the Blues Festival. Get your tickets now and immerse yourself in the vibrant blues community.

Tallahassee's Back-to-Back Blues Festivals: Get Ready to Groove!

Get Ready for the Blues: Tallahassee's Back-to-Back Blues Festivals - -349893955

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Get ready to groove to the blues in Tallahassee as two exciting events are set to take place in the coming weeks. The beloved Blue Tavern and the new Sound Bar will join forces to bring you a double dose of blues music on March 30 and April 6.

Kicking off the blues extravaganza is the "Backyard Blues Festival" at the Blue Tavern. This event will feature nearly a dozen bands performing on two stages - one inside the venue and another in the backyard. From 2:15 p.m. until 10 p.m., the air will be filled with the soulful sounds of talented blues players like Libby Rae Watson, Ruth Wyand, Joël Johnson, The Funky Taters, Blues Meets Girl, JC & the Back Scratchers, Belmont & Jones, and Corey Hall Trio. The festival will conclude with an open blues jam session.

The following Saturday, the Sound Bar will host "The Sounds of the Blues Festival" at their venue on Tharpe Street. This event will feature 10 bands taking the stage to deliver electrifying blues performances. While enjoying the music, you can also indulge in delicious food from food trucks and explore craft vendors. The lineup for the festival includes Blues Meets Girl, Bluesdog & the Howlers, D. Scott Riggs, and Brett Wellman and The Stone Cold Blues Band.

As we gear up for these exciting blues festivals, it's important to note the closure of the Bradfordville Blues Club (BBC) in 2023. However, the legacy of the BBC lives on through the efforts of Dan McDonald and Diane Robinson, who organized the "BBC at the Legion" events at the American Legion Post 13 on Lake Ella. The new group called Mac Daddy Productions continued to bring top-name blues acts to Tallahassee, but despite a sold-out opening, attendance gradually declined. The shows at the Legion Hall will cease at the end of April, but the blues scene in Tallahassee is far from over.

Embrace the Vibrant Blues Community in Tallahassee

The North Central Florida Blues Society is dedicated to preserving, nurturing, and promoting the blues. They are actively involved in promoting blues artists and events in the region, including the Backyard Blues Festival and the Sounds of the Blues Festival. As a special bonus for festival attendees, presenting a proof-of-Sound-Bar-ticket at the Blue Tavern will earn you a free first drink, and a Backyard Blues Fest wristband at the Sound Bar event will also get you a free first drink.

So get ready to immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of the blues as Tallahassee comes alive with back-to-back blues festivals. While we bid farewell to the BBC at the Legion, let's embrace the vibrant blues community that continues to thrive in our city.

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