San Luis Obispo International Film Festival 2024: Celebrating 30 Years of Cinema

Join the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival as it celebrates its 30th anniversary with over 125 movies, receptions, panel discussions, and red carpet events. Don't miss out on this exciting lineup of films and engaging activities!

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival: Celebrating 30 Years of Cinema

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The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival is gearing up to celebrate its 30th anniversary with an exciting lineup of over 125 movies, receptions, panel discussions, and red carpet events. This milestone event promises to bring together filmmakers, movie enthusiasts, and industry professionals for a diverse selection of films and engaging activities.

From April 25th to April 30th, the festival will take place at various venues across San Luis Obispo County, followed by an encore festival at Park Cinemas in Paso Robles from May 1st to May 5th. The encore festival will feature festival films, wine tastings, food, and filmmaker question-and-answer sessions, providing an extended opportunity to immerse in the world of cinema.

Exciting Highlights of the Festival

The San Luis Obispo Film Festival will kick off on April 25th with an Opening Night reception at the Fremont Theater in downtown San Luis Obispo. Attendees can indulge in delicious food, fine wine, and enjoy live music by IMVA before the screening of the captivating film, 'Ghostlight.' This film tells the inspiring story of a construction worker who rediscovers his purpose through a local stage production of 'Romeo and Juliet.'

Surf Nite in SLO, taking place on April 26th at the Fremont Theater, will offer an evening of drinks, live music by surf band Riff Tide, and a screening of the thrilling documentary 'Trilogy: New Wave' with director Andrew Mackenzie. Follow three elite surfers as they embark on a journey to remote destinations in search of pristine waves and an escape from constant competition.

The fourth edition of the Music Video Showcase, happening on April 27th at Kreuzberg California, will present a collection of captivating music videos and present awards to deserving talents. Attendees can also groove to the live performance by San Luis Obispo rock band Krooks, creating an unforgettable night of music and visual art.

Thrilling Events and Screenings

On April 27th, as part of the Red Eye Cinema series, there will be a late-night screening of the classic horror movie 'Dawn of the Dead' at the Fremont Theater. Celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, this zombie flick follows a group of survivors seeking refuge from the undead at a shopping mall, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience for horror enthusiasts.

Skateboarding enthusiasts can look forward to the new Community of Skate event on April 28th at the Fremont Theater. Experience the iconic documentary 'Dogtown and Z-Boys' and the short film '4DWN,' followed by live music by The Bogeys. Engage in a post-movie discussion with director Danny Schmidt and professional skateboarders Stacy Peralta, Rob Cahill, Mike Crum, and Kareem Campbell, delving into the world of skateboarding culture.

The festival will conclude on April 30th at the Fremont Theater with a Closing Night award ceremony for winning festival films. The evening will also include a screening of 'Thelma,' a captivating film about a phone scam victim who embarks on a journey to reclaim her money, offering a compelling narrative to end the festival on a high note.

Additional Festival Offerings

In addition to the highlighted events, the festival will feature the Central Coast Filmmakers Showcase, a series of short films presented by RACE Matters. Retro favorites such as 'Double Indemnity,' 'Big Night,' and 'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' will also be screened, providing a mix of nostalgia and cinematic excellence.

The festival has yet to announce this year's recipient of the prestigious King Vidor Award, the highest honor bestowed by the festival, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to the event.

Ticket Information

Ticket prices for regular film festival screenings range from $12 to $15, while special events range from $20 to $25. Festival fan packs are available for $40 to $80, and festival passes range from $120 to $350, providing flexibility and options for attendees to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

For more information about the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, visit their website at or call 805-546-3456.

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