Ravenna Jo-Jo Festival: Celebrating a Local Culinary Delight

Join us at the Ravenna Jo-Jo Festival and indulge in the beloved local treat, the jojo. This unique festival offers a variety of food vendors, potato-themed activities, and live entertainment. Don't miss out on the fun-filled evening for all ages!

Ravenna Jo-Jo Festival: Celebrating a Local Culinary Delight

Ravenna Jo-Jo Festival: Celebrating a Local Culinary Delight - 577802324

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Ravenna, Ohio is gearing up to host a unique festival this week that celebrates a local culinary delight known as the jojo. The Ravenna Jo-Jo Festival, organized by the civics class at Ravenna High School and Main Street Ravenna, will take place on Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. on the Ravenna Courthouse Lawn. The event promises a variety of food vendors, with many offering the beloved jojo, as well as potato-themed activities suitable for all ages.

The festival was the brainchild of Jason "JJ" Marinin, a student in the civics class, who drew inspiration from other food festivals in the region, such as the Potato Festival in Mantua and the Pickle Festival in Akron. Marinin explained, "I came up with the jojo festival because I saw that every major city has their own food festival, like a wing fest or a pickle fest. A few months ago, my family and I went to the Akron Pickle Fest, and that was really fun to go to and see." He also noted that jojos are widely known in Northeast Ohio, but outside of the region, they are often referred to as potato wedges.

The Jojo: A Beloved Local Treat

Unlike traditional potato wedges, jojos are breaded and deep-fried, often using the same spiced flour found on chicken. They have become a popular accompaniment to chicken dishes in Northeast Ohio, with Fiesta Pizza and Chicken being credited with introducing jojos to the Akron area in the 1960s. The name "jojo" may elicit puzzled looks in other parts of the country where they are simply called potato wedges.

Potato-Themed Activities for All Ages

The festival, which coincides with the end of the school year for high school seniors, is expected to draw a crowd of locals and former Northeast Ohio residents. Activities planned for the event include a dunk tank sponsored by the Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority, where contestants can try their hand at throwing potatoes to activate the tank. Other potato-themed activities include potato sack races and potato art.

Live Entertainment and Local Performers

Entertainment will be provided by local performers such as Ravenna native Kendall Chalkwater and DJ Krooze and the Krew Way Experience. The festival has been a collaborative effort between the high school students and Main Street Ravenna, with guidance from director Arasin Hughes and teacher Matt Wunderle. Hughes expressed excitement about the partnership and hopes to continue bringing more fun events to the community in the future.

A Delightful and Unique Experience for All

Overall, the Ravenna Jo-Jo Festival promises to be a delightful and unique experience for attendees, showcasing the beloved local treat and providing a fun-filled evening for all. The organizers are optimistic that the festival will be a huge success and draw more people to Ravenna to enjoy its food and shops.

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